In January 2016, the Ecole Superieure des Affaires will start the fourth edition of the Executive Masters in Financial Management. The program is very similar to the three earlier editions  that were delivered in conjunction with Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Also, the program is run by the same Academic Director (Prof. Dr.  Jaap Spronk) and by the same Progam Director (Karim Jazzar) as the earlier programs. From this edition onwards, ESA will deliver this edition in conjunction with a new partner, which is also a highly ranking business school in Europe. In addition to the co-signed diploma, partcipants will qualify for the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management diploma (GEMFM).



The GEMFM is a part-time academic program tailor-made for professionals involved in positions where financial information is crucial to excellent performance. The program combines financial theory with its application in practice. One important difference with the preceding programs is that a broad set of electives is offered to meet the needs of financial institutions and is also very attractive for managers in companies.


The graduates of the Global Executive Master in Financial Management program (GEMFM) are financial experts who are well-equipped to understand and solve a wide range of finance-related issues as encountered in firms, financial institutions and other organizations. The program approaches financial decision making and analysis from a managerial perspective (with an eye for context and successful action) taking account of the (more general) insights and evidence from the study of finance.



Four reasons for choosing GEMFM
Learning in the GEMFM program is different to traditional university learning. Designed to maximize knowledge sharing, dialogue-driven lessons engage you in cross-cultural discussions with educators and peers. Teaching methods include workshops, case studies, and team as well as independent work.

1. Quality program
The content of the GEMFM program meets the international standards of similar programs at internationally recognized and highly ranking universities and business schools.

All GEMFM faculty members have been recruited from world-class universities and schools, providing a rich plurality of content and perspective. All faculty members have been selected on basis of their academic background, teaching and mentoring capacity, experience in practice and professional attitude.

Candidates for participation in this program are submitted to a serious selection process. Only quality of the participants counts; no compromises will be made in order to have 'a full class'.

The students evaluate every single module of the program, its didactical aspects and the teachers. The result of this feedback is input for the continuous improvement of the program. ESA works together with a network of schools that offer very similar master programs using a quality control system.

2. Financial management for today and tomorrow
After a series of financial crises, the financial world is and should be changing. Simultaneously, it does remain global, dynamic and complex. Therefore, the GEMFM is firmly based on what academia has offered to financial management in the past few decades. But it does so while fully taking account of practice, including the context of financial management and including the role of actual human behaviour.

The GEMFM focuses on real financial management problems that have to be investigated and solved. It appreciates the power of academic results, but also pays attention to limitations of these results. It teaches how to look behind the numbers, how to pay attention to the context of financial management (compliance, governance, corporate responsibility) and shows the importance of the behaviour of the manager and other stakeholders in the managerial process.

The main topics in the GEMFM are corporate financial management, investments and financial markets. These topics are approached with a multi-dimensional and interactive focus, including topics like leadership and decision making, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Many executive masters in financial management students take the opportunity to also prepare for the CFA exam during the program.

3. Global
The group of teachers for this edition of the program comes from a wide array of countries in four different continents.

The GEMFM program includes the option of a study trip to New York City, with visits to financial institutions and other important parties in the financial sector.

Participants of the GEMFM will have the opportunity to exchange with partner schools within the GEMFM network of schools in various places in the world.

4. Networking
The GEMFM is an executive master’s program for people with work experience, which allows networking and high-quality class discussions. Through the international network, participants can also connect to students and alumni of other executive master in financial management programs abroad.